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Kicked Out is a Stillwater Oklahoma based band that primarily plays alternative rock with various influences from Garage Rock, Punk, Jazz-Fusion, Grunge, and a pinch of Funk. The band formed during the summer of 2022 and has since played multiple shows around Stillwater at various establishments such as Stonecloud Patio and Taproom, College Bar, New Bar, and Coney Island, headlining the Stillystock Music Festival on the OSU campus, and opening for Chloe Moriondo this past April at the OSU Pride Picnic. 

Our Members

Lauren Timbrook: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Onyx Wannebo: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Flute, Auxiliary Percussion (and sometimes Bass), Logo and Sticker Design

Olivia Tucker: Keys, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, EWI (and sometimes Bass)

Draven Thomas: Lead Guitar (and sometimes Bass)

Cort Vanzant: Bass, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Evan Albro: Drums

Len Taylor: Poster Design, Occasional Violin and Vocals

Booking Contact:

Olivia Tucker

Call or Text: (405)308-3855

Email: Olivia.Jade.Tucker2000@gmail.com